And Some Days Just Suck …

I’d been in Bariloche, Argentina for 4 months. I really like that town. It’s not exactly quaint, but still small enough that I remember it as such. I went down there to wait for the borders to open so I could finally leave the country but Covid got worse and the frontiers remained shut toContinue reading “And Some Days Just Suck …”

How To Live On The Road Indefinitely

If you’re thinking about long term travel, especially by adventure motorbike, this post is for you I left South Africa on 13 March 2019 and arrived in Uruguay a day later. Six weeks after that my motorbike arrived and I’ve been traveling through South America ever since. The plan was to just see Patagonia, butContinue reading “How To Live On The Road Indefinitely”

Iguazu: Waterfalls, Waterfalls, Waterfalls!

I entered Puerto Iguazu with high hopes. My last two towns, Goya and Ituzaingó, were disappointments. But the ride from Ituzaingó to Puerto Iguazu was immensely satisfying after the boring tar roads that make up most of Corrientes Province in Argentina. Heading north felt … Brazilian. The boring, flat farm-scapes of Corrientes suddenly made wayContinue reading “Iguazu: Waterfalls, Waterfalls, Waterfalls!”

The Amazing Road To Andalgala, Argentina

TL;DR; Ruta 65 is awesome, find the GPX file here Back in August 2019 while in north west Argentina, I traveled from San Miguel de Tucuman to the tiny town of Andalgala. The aim of my South America trip was always to visit Patagonia. I entered the country about 2 months earlier and realized thatContinue reading “The Amazing Road To Andalgala, Argentina”